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It’s a mystery, an unanswered question... It's about them, their world and their way of existence, deep inside an unknown part of our universe, there is a crystallized galaxy called “The Cloudverse” containing millions of planets. Our special force units are going after a mysterious and unusual planet called “Planet-B” within this galaxy. The power source of this planet is causing chaos and elemental damage to other components of the universe, the evil source uses a radiation force to gather the needed resources from different parts of the universe only to make itself stronger, this planet is killing our world from the inside, it's a mole feeding from the solar system, it needs to be eliminated before it consumes our universe. A “civilized planet” you may ask? Maybe not so much... Their world is populated by cute and fluffy looking “Baby Cloud” creatures that behave completely the opposite of how they look, they are extremely volatile and violent, unpredictable and complicated to communicate with, the primary mission of our unit is to gather intelligence and labs required elements for advanced research, using the info that we’ll bring back to earth, we must be able to identify a way to destabilize the power source of this planet, ending this corrupt civilization for good.


Baby Clouds is an NFT-Based Dark Comedy Cartoon Series, our holders will be able to cast their “Baby Clouds” NFT’s as actors in each episode of our upcoming Cartoon Show series, the series will be launched on YouTube exactly 14 days after the NFT reveal day, we chose YouTube so everyone could watch the series for free we want “Baby Clouds” to become a global cartoon show series and not just limited to a certain group or region but more importantly free for all, no one has to pay any subscription fee to watch the series, however only our holders are eligible for our NFT passive income system. The designed system will payout ranging from $12-$35 per second for the screen time of your NFT’s in each episode, each episode is roughly 900 seconds long, Our goal is to release 30 episodes for the next 12 months or roughly 3 episodes per month. Our holders could potentially receive up to $18,000/episode simply by casting their NFT’s as cartoon characters/actors. As for our “ROADMAP PHASE1”, the pay rate and the reward system strictly depends on the rarity of your NFT. However ,for our “ROADMAP PHASE2” which includes 5 separate seasons, in our “SEASON 1” Lunch, we will present a system where our holders could receive rewards and use their perks more fairly, Initiated correctly, This chained system could become a major NFT passive income system for the first time, We will be the first of our kind in the NFT-space, our system is so unique and well designed that is capable of integrating with other types of passive income systems and evolve into something much bigger, creating endless opportunities for our holders, participants, community and even the ones who will have the smallest contribution or roles in The World of Baby Clouds. That way, everyone gets an even chance and not only our top holders, unlike many other projects where the elites receive all the major benefits.



Screen Time Pay : $12 / Second

Actor Prestige : $5.000 / Every 10 LvL

DAO Reward System : $400 / Quest


Screen Time Pay : $20 / Second

Actor Prestige : $15,000 / Every 8 LvL

DAO Reward System : $800 / Quest


Screen Time Pay : $35 / Second

Actor Prestige : $25,000 / Every 6 LvL

DAO Reward System : $1600 / Quest


Screen Time Pay : ?

Actor Prestige : ?

DAO Reward System : ?

Special Abilities : ?



1 : Give Aways
2 : Baby Clouds listed on rarity. tools, rarity sniper and NFT Calendar
3 : “Cloud Dominator” SECTOR-A Challenges (Main Battle)
4 : PLOT Writing Tournaments (FinalBattle)


5 : Pre-Sale Lunch
6 : Public-Sale Lunch
7 : SandBox 4 Plots of Land Purchase
8 : “BABY DAY” Celebration day, Exclusive events for our community in SandBox


9 : Sanctuary Donation
10 : A little Secret Surprise!
11 : First Cartoon Episode Release
12 : ‘How To Unlock a God’ announcement (Cloud God challenges)
13 : DAO Reward System announcement


14 : The Creator’s Room announcement
15 : SEASON 1, Collection 2, Lunch of 7777 “CLOUD FORCES”
16 : Game Trailer Release


17 : ACRS “Advanced Cloud Reward System”
18 : $BCW Token Release
19 : $25,000 Giveaway to 5 Lucky Winners!


20 : Merchandise Store Lunch
21 : Staking Feature Added
22 : “Stars League” Announcement


23 : DLCs for your Cartoon characters
24 : Digital Comic Book Release
25 : Digital DLCs Giveaway



Baby Clouds will have a P2E Action-Themed Multiplayer Video game which will be released on our SEASON2 Lunch, this will push our PLOT Writers into a whole new difficulty level since the game and the cartoon series will have an integrated main story and the slightest changes in each story will have an impact on the other!





The integrated main story plays an important role in the ultimate outcome of this project, Our Video game players must be able to rule the game themselves using all the tricks and lessons that they’ve learned from watching the cartoon series, they must understand the rules of Planet-B and properly transfer that knowledge to form their own desired planet.







Art Designer


Animation Expert / Artistic Director


Marketing Strategist


Blockchain Expert


Discord Chief


Security Chief


What’s the concept behind the project?

Baby Clouds is an NFT-based Cartoon Show Series, The holders of the collection could cast their NFT pieces as actors in each episode and will get paid for the screen time of their NFT characters per second, there are 5 seasons to come in PHASE2, each season will bring 30 episodes, 150 episodes in total, each episode is 900 seconds in length.

What makes Baby Clouds stand out from other projects?

Our uniqueness in the NFT-Space is obvious with the type of utility we provide through our Cartoon series, but perhaps the other major would be that the “Baby Clouds” is strictly a long-term project, We are here to stay for the long run, only the PHASE1 of our project will take around 4 to 6 months to be initialized and from then, PHASE2 begins, where we will present the “World Of Baby Clouds” presenting our very own Video Game where the main story of it will be integrated with the story of each episode of the cartoon series, anything that happens in the game will have an impact on the show!

When is the lunch date?

The Pre-Sale: June 20
The Public-Sale: June 21

How much does a Baby Clouds cost?

Pre-Sale priced at 0.07 ETH,
Public Sale will be at 0.15 ETH,
Also, make sure to have some extra ETH on your wallet to pay for GAS fees

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